Our Team

We have a small but very dedicated team here at Platform Gym.

Nicola Bennett

Nicola is an accomplished powerlifter and strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. With over 10 years of personal experience in a variety of sport disciplines. Nicola has been running her own personal training business since 2013. “I am always happy to help anyone along their own journey and love seeing the results they achieve”.

Steve Middleton

Steve has over 20 years personal training experience which covers everything from injury rehab through to strength and powerlifting training. On top of this Steve who is a multiple British, European and 2006 World Powerlifting Champion still regularly competes in powerlifting competitions.

Dale Humphreys

Dale is soon to finish his level 3 personal training course and after this to start his sports science degree. Dale is a 2014 World Powerlifting Champion and is passionate about all things gym. Dale has a unique outlook in his training and training methods.

Andrew Buller

Andrew specializes in sports injuries and non sports related injuries and been practising since April 2007. With years of experience as a sport massage therapist, specialist exercise instructor and GP referral consultant combined with continuous professional development: Including Sport Therapists, Physio Therapists and Sports Osteopaths. Andrew has gained extensive knowledge in Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, Musculo-Skeletal Neurology & Pathology plus Exercise Physiology and Psychology. This knowledge enables Andrew to carry out a thorough consultation and assessments.


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